Monitoring the Evolution
and Benefits of Responsible Research and Innovation

MoRRI final event presentations Day 1 - 6th March 2018 (D15)

Science Technology & Innovation
Viola Peter, Niels Mejlgaard, Angela Wroblewski, Susanne Bührer-Topcu, Thomas Teichler, Ingeborg Meijer, Erich Griessler, Ralf Lindner
Publication date:
06 March 2018

The presentation was delivered at the final event of the MoRRI project and facilitated the discussions on technical aspects of the project. The event involved a group of experts who were invited to comment, in a structured form on:

  • The findings of the study, their relevance and robustness (including the accuracy of the data and analysis presented)

  • The associated conclusions arising from the work

  • New developments or issues arising and their policy implications

  • Potential recommendations to the Commission for their future actions in this area, in particular on the nature of support and the key areas that should be targeted